Factors for Success

Here are some factors that I believe helped me to recover more quickly from both total hip replacements.

  • Home Prep: I followed every instruction in the hip-replacement surgery brochures. They want you to quit smoking, reduce clutter, eliminate tripping hazards, get a raised toilet seat, and have stable chairs with arms. I didn’t need grab bars.
  • Sleeping: Your bed should be high enough to swing your legs over the edge and stand up easily. No futons on the floor. Get extra pillows for supporting your leg.
  • Pull-Up Rig: Before my first surgery I had a pull-up rig installed in my house. I use the OSHA “3 points of contact” rule when mounting and dismounting. Do not try this at home, kids!
  • Pre-Hab: This is what you do prior to surgery to be in the best physical shape possible. For the first surgery, I had physical therapy and weight training. For the second, martial arts and functional fitness training at Soja Mindbody Studio in Berkeley, and yoga at Leela Yoga in Alameda.
  • Rehab: After both surgeries, an in-home physical therapist came out twice a week with basic exercises. Later, 8 sessions of outpatient physical therapy.