Mission: To create meaningful, compelling, high-quality written content for clients whose products I can believe in, who are deeply committed to their industries, and who share my passion for integrity and excellence.

Commitment to Quality: Quality is not just about words or messaging. It’s about supporting the intrinsic value of whatever it is you’re trying to sell, or explain, or defend.

Relevance: Sometimes the problem isn’t lack of information. It’s too much information. Why is your work or your product so important? Readers are most interested in anything that affects them directly, so I like to frame things in immediate and concrete terms – with pictures if possible. For highly technical subjects, case studies or hypothetical examples can help, so that readers don’t get lost in a fog of jargon.

Compelling: Well-written content is compelling to read, even for someone who doesn’t know much about the industry. Thoughtful illustrations can be road maps, or they can express a concept in a way that’s both obvious and compelling. In fact, that’s a good yardstick of writing quality – is it interesting to industry outsiders as well as experts?

Branding: The content should be written in a way that clearly associates your name with the topic at hand. Expert interviews can help expand your presence without looking too self-serving.

Subject Matter Expertise: Everyone wants to be a “thought leader”. I’ve seen startups that jumped into unfamiliar industries, hired a bunch of experts as consultants, and threw up web sites almost overnight proclaiming themselves to be thought leaders. A real thought leader is evident by what they say about the topic, not about themselves.