Special Thanks To…

Here are the people who helped me recover from total hip replacement surgery.

  • Dr. Gordon Lundy at CPMC and his entire office staff, especially Lana
  • My neighbor Dave, a sweet lamb who took me grocery shopping and checked in daily
  • California Pacific Medical Center surgical and nursing teams
  • Dr. Mark Oscherwitz, my primary care physician at CPMC
  • Soja Mindbody Studio, Berkeley, CA.
  • Jen Deering, personal trainer
  • Charlene, my in-home physical therapist for Hip #2. She’s a martial artist too, at a school called Hand to Hand. Her background really helped us work well together.
  • Peter Ajemian, founder and White Crane Silat instructor, Soja Mindbody. He’s had 2 hip replacements and really supported my recovery all the way.
  • Charles Strange, functional fitness instructor, Soja Mindbody. He’s an exercise physiologist who gets results fast.
  • Rory Miller, law enforcement professional and author. He referred me to Soja Mindbody back in February.
  • Leela Yoga Studio in Alameda, CA. I went to them after my first hip replacement and they were a nice place to get back in the saddle.
  • Vicki Ross, ergonomic consultant. She helped me get a great home workstation.
  • Kenneth Milliken of Creative Supports, Inc. in Hayward
  • Friends and Helpful Folks. No one was overly burdened. Sometimes just having a few people drop by for coffee on a weekend was enough, especially the first week or so when I was pretty home-bound.
  • Housekeeping service by Vilma Martinez
  • Lyft, the ridesharing service not run by assholes!
  • Alex Davidovich, my first hip’s pre-hab PT.
  • Rehab Pilates in San Leandro, CA for outpatient physical therapy. They have ever “Reformer” machine ever made, it seems.