Control of Thought

control of thought500

Question: Where can I get superpowers to keep up with my workload?

A lot of people are trying all sorts of brain and body hacks to make themselves smarter, more focused, unleash creativity, live on less sleep – all in order to stay competitive. But no one looks to the one skill within everyone’s reach.

A wise man told me long ago that the first power of the ancient warriors of Khemet (another name for Egypt, back when it was African) was Control of Thought. If you didn’t have this, no other skill or power was going to do you any good.

One very simple way to practice this is to meditate. You will quickly discover that keeping your mind empty of thought for 5 seconds is almost impossible. Persevering in this most humbling of practices will put all your other problems into better perspective.

Then, sure, do the crazy diets, vitamin B-12, binaural beats, microdosing, Adderall, Tantric team-building weekends (oh my god what a thought), breathwork, crossfit, sports visualizations, primal screaming, coca-leaf tea, trance drumming, kittens, whatever.

Erm… it won’t make you superhuman. You might be more detached about not being able to handle it all, though. And the added clarity of thought might give you a boost when it comes to focus, so that you’re quicker to execute to the essence of what is needed.

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