Ants, Like Thoughts

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Question: The last time I told my manager I was stressed about my workload, he just said, “Meditate.” Does that actually work?

Sure, if you’d rather pretend that your problems aren’t real.

It is possible to meditate and reach a place of acceptance for almost any situation. Fatalism is helpful in pre-industrial economies that force people into traditional occupations for their entire lives. It’s not so good when your only restrictions are internalized feelings of guilt and loyalty. It’s a bit like taking anti-depressants so you can continue living with an abusive, alcoholic partner. Yeah it works, kinda, but is it really the best choice?

What the meditation may do is give you just enough insight to realize how fucked up your situation is. That’s why it’s so damn dangerous. Your manager should be advising you to buy multivitamins or take up mini-golf.

Of course, you could meditate and reach a place of acceptance with that-which-is. In very dire situations, crises and such, you may have to admit that you are powerless over a situation and that you cannot control anything, even your next meal. Applying this to circumstances where you have other choices is a form of enabling.

If you still have trouble separating from abusive relationships, try a 12-step program instead.

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