Gilded Cage

gilded cage500

Question: I’m feeling stuck and burnt out, but the pay is really good and I’m afraid that if I leave I’ll end up regretting my freewheeling ways.
You’re in a gilded cage, and there’s no easy answer here. It’s really your choice, that’s what freedom means… right? To stick with what’s safe and prudent, or to take a leap into the unknown and risk a train wreck. Also note gilding is not solid gold, so you could be clinging to something that’s not even worth much in the end.

I’d pick the train wreck, even though it’ll be harder in the short term. Crises can force you to grow and if you don’t have a lot of debt or dependents, why stagnate? Pay close attention to your rationalizations here. That growth is going to serve you better in the long run than caution.

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