I’m Not a Hoarder, I’m a High-Functioning Pack Rat!

Moving forces one to re-evaluate one’s personal belongings, aka “baggage”. The act of pruning forces one to face up to the past, but it also brings up atavistic hang-ups that are really expressions of survival instincts. Sometimes the hang-ups still serve a purpose, albeit an obsolete one. For example, the idea that much of my stuff has been in boxes for the past 10 years, all carefully labeled, and much of it still in use.

Benefits of Hoarding

There’s nothing cooler than having a variety of objects and being able to lay hands on any tool, any bit, any book – within a few minutes. “Oh, a reverse threaded German 5xG 25 tap screw? Why, that’s right over here in Drawer 543!” So that’s one justification for hanging on to something that’s hardly ever used.

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