Slugs: Nature’s Perfect Pest

About 15 years ago, maybe even longer, I discovered the joys of Fimo and Sculpey. You can use this bakeable plasticine modeling clay to make miniature images, millefiore beads, and that’s what most people do with it. They make jewelry. I can’t think why I decided to make slugs instead, but I did. They were easy to make, a little weird, contrarian, and before I knew it, a friend had given me a book titled “The Little Greenish-Brown Book of Slugs” and I was gleefully quoting from it until I could clear a room in 20 seconds.

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Happiness Affirmations

I wrote following piece to address issues of co-dependence and substance abuse in personal relationships, after realizing that a loved one was not going to get sober just because I demanded it.

I can be happy regardless of whether anyone around me is happy.

Just because someone I love is miserable, that doesn’t mean I have to be miserable along with them. I can continue to be present with them, accepting their condition and offering support, without feeling obligated to share their misery.

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Welcome to Heckheim!

Heckheim means “Hell House” and it’s a term my friend Petra came up with back when her then-roommates decided to oust her on the sly while she and her then-husband were away at Burningman. It’s a cautionary tale on how roommate relationships can go sour almost out of the blue. It’s almost like everyone just pretends everything is fine, and no one every says anything, until it’s too late.

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