Caveman Values

Some time ago, I read a piece by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, titled “What’s a Modern Girl To Do?” describing the courtship and career dilemmas of the post-feminist era. Apparently, the entire nation is backsliding on every front, and women are high-tailing it back to the concentration camp formerly known as “homemaking”. As a feminist and freethinker, I have to wonder why I’m not among them. Ms. Dowd cites studies showing two things. First, women tend to pursue powerful, dominant, high-status men, and will choose a CEO or VP over a rank-and-file worker. Second, men tend to choose submissive, non-intellectual women, secretaries rather than Cabinet ministers. She goes on to provide considerable anecdotal evidence that educated, professional urban 20- somethings have felt pressured to choose between frumpy feminism and a lifetime of following “The Rules”.

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Afrikan Martial Arts – Kupigana Ngumi

Two fighters and Afrika

This Swahili term means “way of fighting with fist” and describes a martial art using African fighting styles. I studied this with Oso Mfundishi Tayari Casel when I lived in Maryland. You can still find the Tayari Casel Martial Arts Academy in downtown Silver Spring. The above logo is still used by the school. I didn’t create it, but I did at one point trace the entire thing into Adobe Illustrator – and learned about splines and curves.

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The Temple of Forgiveness

Here is an image of Burningman 2007, showing the Temple of Forgiveness. It was of course burned on the last day of the festival. The amazing thing about this structure was how it revealed itself upon approach. From far away, it looks very plain. As you get closer, the patterns and embossing becomes visible, like a cell under a microscope. At a very close up view, you can see the writing on the walls.

Temple of Forgiveness panoramic view, photo by Eugene Vicknair, taken at Burningman 2007

Temple of Forgiveness, Burningman 2007

Temple of Forgiveness photo by Eugene Vicknair, taken at Burningman 2007