My Boss Pulled Out a Penknife On Me

The other day my boss, at this 5-person firm, pulled out a penknife and threatened me with it because I had asked for a vacation. Is this a problem or is it normal?


It’s both. Petty workplace threats and bullying are pretty common, which passes for “normal” in most everyday situations. And therein lies the problem.

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Afrikan Martial Arts – Kupigana Ngumi

Two fighters and Afrika

This Swahili term means “way of fighting with fist” and describes a martial art using African fighting styles. I studied this with Oso Mfundishi Tayari Casel when I lived in Maryland. You can still find the Tayari Casel Martial Arts Academy in downtown Silver Spring. The above logo is still used by the school. I didn’t create it, but I did at one point trace the entire thing into Adobe Illustrator – and learned about splines and curves.

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