Parrot Revenge

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Question: How can I use innocent gadgets to needle people in my open office without getting caught?

My original idea was to get a live parrot, and just train it to insult people by name in a large open office. This will be traced back to you pretty quickly, though, so add stealth to your strategy. There are many devices, and probably apps as well, which can record conversations for later playback, possibly remotely, when your target walks past your empty desk.

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5 Things Not to Say in Your Exit Interview

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Question: My petty tyrant of a boss has finally downsized me. I should be crushed, but I’m so elated that I feel like dancing on his desk. Now I can tell him the truth about how I feel, right?

Ahaha, very funny. Try to work out your angst with cartoons or laughing amongst your friends. Even there, though, be careful – emails have a way of going to the wrong recipient.

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Going to Mars is Easier

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Question: I’m bewildered by our healthcare situation. And yet we have tech companies who are so smart they can solve almost any problem using machine learning and other advanced data techniques. Why don’t they tackle healthcare instead of funding vanity projects?

Nobody has yet created a computer model or used machine learning to successfully predict or simulate the behavior of our national legislature. Also, have you ever READ an actual piece of legislation? It’s worse than regulatory language, which also doesn’t make much sense.

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The Filthy Passage

The Filthy Passage

I was in an apartment with lots of rooms. It was a large old run-down building. A few of the rooms were nice, fresh paint, repaired etc. Furnished.

But underneath the kitchen counters were corners so dilapidated & gross that they were impossible to clean. And the hallways too – beyond dingy. Worse than an abandoned bldg.

So there were only certain places one would “inhabit” & then one would merely “pass through” the other areas, preferably w/eyes shut.

It took all my courage to muster even one peek.

I’m Not a Hoarder, I’m a High-Functioning Pack Rat!

Moving forces one to re-evaluate one’s personal belongings, aka “baggage”. The act of pruning forces one to face up to the past, but it also brings up atavistic hang-ups that are really expressions of survival instincts. Sometimes the hang-ups still serve a purpose, albeit an obsolete one. For example, the idea that much of my stuff has been in boxes for the past 10 years, all carefully labeled, and much of it still in use.

Benefits of Hoarding

There’s nothing cooler than having a variety of objects and being able to lay hands on any tool, any bit, any book – within a few minutes. “Oh, a reverse threaded German 5xG 25 tap screw? Why, that’s right over here in Drawer 543!” So that’s one justification for hanging on to something that’s hardly ever used.

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The Temple of Forgiveness

Here is an image of Burningman 2007, showing the Temple of Forgiveness. It was of course burned on the last day of the festival. The amazing thing about this structure was how it revealed itself upon approach. From far away, it looks very plain. As you get closer, the patterns and embossing becomes visible, like a cell under a microscope. At a very close up view, you can see the writing on the walls.

Temple of Forgiveness panoramic view, photo by Eugene Vicknair, taken at Burningman 2007

Temple of Forgiveness, Burningman 2007

Temple of Forgiveness photo by Eugene Vicknair, taken at Burningman 2007